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A Prayer for an End of Legalized Abortion Prayer Card

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Use this prayer to help fight against the evil of abortion.
Lord Jesus Christ, You who took human nature upon Yourself and know the suffering of humanity, move with great power in our nation and in our world to end the culture of death. May the blood of innocent children aborted throughout all of history call forth Your mercy upon those in government and move their hearts to end legalized abortion and protect the dignity of human life at all stages. I thank You for the gift of my own life. Please grant me the grace to speak and stand up for the unborn who cannot defend themselves. Like the prophets who have come before me, speak through me to others by the witness of my life that all human life is sacred. Send forth Your Holy Spirit upon our legislators and those who do not see the evil of abortion. Heal their blindness and soften the hardness of their hearts so that they, too, might become witnesses and defenders of human life, particularly for those who are most vulnerable in the womb. We ask this in Your Most Holy Name. Amen.
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